Gaming with Python Course

Python is one of the robust languages used in the software industry to develop advanced systems, gaming, automation and many more. It is also used in education all over the world to make the learner understand advance programming algorithms and principles. Gaming with Python Course is designed in for beginners who are interested in learning game development using Python.

Target Audience – Learners who are familiar with basic programming and interested in developing games using Python programming language.

Prerequisite – Basic Python programming skills are essential. Learners are required to bring their own laptops with them when they come for the course. Leaners who are interested in this course are recommended to follow Python Programming for Beginners course if they are new to programming in general.

Duration – 36 hours – 5 Days

Course Fee – £1290

More Information – This course can be organised as groups or individual. Expert trainers are available to train your employees at your workplace on request. Call us to discuss your requirements and to hear more about onsite training.

Python : The Interactive Shell
Python : Writing Programs
Python : Guess the Number
Python : Jokes
Python : Dragon Realm
Python : Using the Debugger
Python : Designing Hangman with Flowcharts
Python : Writing the Hangman Code
Python : Extending Hangman
Python : Tic-Tac-Toe
Python : Bagels
Python : Cartesian Coordinates
Python : Sonar Treasure Hunt
Python : Caesar Cipher
Python : Reversi
Python : AI Simulation
Python : Using Pygame and Graphics
Python : Animating Graphics
Python : Collision Detection and Input
Python : Sounds and Images
Python : Dodger

Completion of the course – Gaming with Python course will give learners the confidence to program with Python and build a strong foundation and understanding to invent your own game.

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