Python Course

Python Programming for Beginners Course

Python is one of the popular programming languages in the IT era and it’s widely used in the software industry and education. Knowing Python language from the basics places a strong foundation to code using modern programming languages. Python programming for beginners course is designed to build a clear understanding of Python and programming in general.

Target Audience – This course is suitable for beginners who are interested in learning Python or programming in general.

Prerequisites – Basic understanding of computers, programming and interest to learn a new programming language. Learners are required to bring their own laptops with them when they come for the course.

Duration – 30 hours

Course Fee – £490

More Information – This course can be organised as groups or individual. Expert trainers are available to train your employees at your workplace on request.

Course Contents

Python – Overview
Python – Environment Setup
Python – Basic Syntax
Python – Variable Types
Python – Basic Operators
Python – Decision Making
Python – Loops
Python – Numbers
Python – Strings
Python – Lists
Python – Tuples
Python – Dictionary
Python – Date & Time
Python – Functions
Python – Modules
Python – Files I/O
Python – Exceptions

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