C++ Programming for Beginners Course

C++ is one of the powerful object-oriented programming languages in the world. Its is widely used since it was introduced and used to code basic applications to high-end applications. C++ Programming course for beginners covers the basics of programming using C++, programming constructs, methods, features of C++ language, data types, program structures, functions, object-oriented programming with C++, memory management in C++ and others.

Target Audience – Learners who are familiar with the basics concepts of programming and interested in learning C++ programming.

Prerequisite – Basic understanding of computing and programming is preferred. Learners are required to bring their own laptops with them when they come for the course.

Duration – 24 hours

Course Fee – £750

More Information – This course can be organised as groups or individual. Expert trainers are available to train your employees at your workplace or online using virtual platforms on request.

Course Contents

C++ Introduction to programming with C++
C++ Understanding the building blocks of C++
C++ IDEs and Tools for C++
C++ Use of variables and constants
C++ Primitive data types
C++ User defined data types
C++ Flow of Control
C++ Operators
C++ Use of arrays
C++ Understanding references and pointers
C++ Functions and function overloading
C++ Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with C++
C++ Memory management in C++

Completion of the course will give learners the confidence to start programming with C++ and be knowledgeable with the concepts and features of C++ programming.

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