Python Course

Advanced Programming with Python

Python is one of the robust languages used in the software industry to develop advanced systems. It is also used in the education system all over the world to make the learner understand advance programming algorithms and principles. Advanced Programming with Python is designed in a way that all the major components of the language is covered for a user who is familiar with the basics skills in Python.

Target Audience – Learners who are familiar with the basics concepts of Python and interested in gaining more insight into the languages.

Prerequisite – Basic Python programming skills. Learners are required to bring their own laptops with them when they come for the course.

Duration – 30 hours

Course Fee – £690

More Information – This course can be organised as groups or individual. Expert trainers are available to train your employees at your workplace on request.

Course Contents

Python – Classes/Objects
Python – Reg Expressions
Python – CGI Programming
Python – Database Access
Python – Networking
Python – Sending Email
Python – Multithreading
Python – XML Processing
Python – GUI Programming
Python – Further Extensions

Completion of the course – Advanced Programming with Python will give learners the confidence to program with Python and build a strong foundation to program with other languages.

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